Rare Footage of Civil War Veterans Doing the Rebel Yell

The exact sound of the yell is unknown and the subject of much speculation and debate. Likewise, the origin of the yell is uncertain. This film clip is one of the few remaining examples of Confederate Veterans making the yell. One must remember that the musket balls, the rage, and the fear which inspired the yell are missing, therefore this is only a shallow representation.

God Save the Sovereign South.


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plate zero 9 rocket monday tuesdayRichard,

If you wish to make further contact with your nation's civil war past, one of the most comprehensive television series' in which much rare archival interview material was included was an amazing BBC programme made around 30 years ago now called 'the World At War'. I believe it has been released on DVD and is a must have for any student of the history of modern armed conflict.

May you be richly and wonderfully blessed this Lent,