A parallel in History

The Obama Administration's decision to mandate abortion and birth control at Catholic run medical facilities has caused several institutions to sue the HHS. Among these are Priests for Life, and EWTN.

Attacks against the True Church abound in history, Stephanie A. Mann shows us a connexion with the English reformation and the long battle between church and state.

...The Catholic martyrs chose to be absolutely true to their faith, certainly, and suffer the consequences of disobeying laws that made Catholic priesthood in England, aiding a Catholic priest in England, attending Catholic Mass in England, or becoming a Catholic in England all crimes punishable by death... more

Is this just another fakeout by the Obama administration? That is something so disgusting to Catholics that it would engender such an outcry as we are seeing now. Then in a supposed act of reconciliation abruptly do a change about in order to cement the Bishops alliagance to his election? Dear Bishops, it will be a lie. This year he has something to lose; the White House.

Obama is an Anti-Christ, you can not make a deal with the devil.


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