A Nourishing Mother

When I think about what happens to all the aborted babies this painting comes to mind. The Virgin Mother of God, the Madonna, the Queen Of Heaven, the Queen of the Angels caring for these babies in Eternal Bliss.


William-Adolphe Bouguereau


Tara said...

So beautiful, I love it. Once when we were praying at an abortion mill and I told the children that I imagined angels surrounding that evil place. The angels were catching the souls of all those poor, sweet aborted babies and carrying them up to the Blessed Mother's open arms. What a vision to think of them at her breast, content and peaceful.

Alphonse Marquis de Montauran said...

Thank you very much for your blog.
Here in my country, Spain, we are also fighting against those criminal abortion laws.
I think we must join our efforts all over the Word.

My blog is http://dieuleroi.blogspot.com/

I'm sure there many people in your country able to speak Spanish.
My blog uses Spanish and French, but English and German are welcome.

For God and the King.

Alphonse de Montauran