"No laws were broken,"

Washington State High School and Planned Parenthood provide an abortion for a 15 year old. The girl is sent via a cab to the abortition, the parents aren't notified and the girl is told not to mention this to her parents. What if the child would have died?

This is what happens when we give up our parental rights and reliquish our duties and responsibilities to the state. No one should ever feel brave enough to tell me that home schooling is bad.


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This is a tragedy. Re home education, your readership needs to uphold Germany in your prayers; I am in contact with German Catholics who would dearly love to homeschool but due to its illegality, cannot. the HSLDA has an extensive listing of the persecution those who have dared try find themselves at the sharp end of. Scandinavia is on the cusp of outlawing it also; in the various states of Australia, it is easier or more difficult depending upon legislation. We need to pray for the rise of the new Christendom. We also need to support the incredible life ministry run by the US Mgr. Riley; an amazing Catholic (roman rite) priest who recently came to our Marounite parish to deliver an incredible programme on the need to work hard on this - at two ends; protection of the unborn, and providing ministry to the women, young and older, who have believed the cultural lie that abortion is their only option. he outlined the three 'Humanae's' written by Paul VI; inspired by the Holy Spirit to set down a hauntingly prophetic account almost fifty years ago now of what would happen - and has come to pass - if the culture of death were embraced/endorsed within the civic sphere; also gave a potted history of the founders of 'planned parenthood' and the ugly eugenic undercurrent that lies at the heart of the culture of death - introducing the listeners to Sanger, Stopes and Malthus. The church has dropped the ball for the last half century and has a great deal of catching up to do; there is much work that needs to be undertaken in the form of radical, transformative ministry that will come alongside the women (most pro life campaigners/organizations forget the mothers) to transform, provide pre and post natal education, health support, raise up, reconcile to God in love that gives new life and hope, plus a specialized ministry of women religious qualified to legally defend (in tragic cases of violent sexual violation that leaves these women broken and scarred, plus a direct ministry of healing, medical, psychological and spiritual support to said women - a perfect name for the order would be (as one suggestion) The Sisters of St. Agnes of Rome (http://saints.sqpn.com/saint-agnes-of-rome/ for information this saint) ) for life. This order would be equipped and appropriately trained to cover everything from the provision of women religious legal experts to prosecute rape and incest while providing a place of enfolding healing, safety and restoration of the women so grievously harmed - As riley mentioned, if the support systems can be in place to keep women truly safe and find healing, they cary the surest way to ensure perps are put away for life - DNA. and a severe tightening of sentencing laws re perpetrators of sexual violence.

if Holy Mother Church is going to win this, She must be lightyears ahead of the secular world in provision of helps and mercies to the many women who find themselves facing what is often an impossibly painful dilemma. We need to be there to pick up the pieces also. So much work to do, so much!!