Archbishop Chaput says Obama administration sold out Catholic supporters

Philadelphia, Pa., Feb 3, 2012 / 06:08 am (CNA).- The Obama administration has betrayed Catholics by refusing to expand the religious exemption in Health and Human Services' contraception mandate, Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput says.

“The administration's only concession was to give our institutions a one-year delay to comply,” he said in a Feb. 2 letter. “This is not merely inadequate. It is dangerous. And it betrays the good faith of many Catholics who – until now – have supported the current administration with an honest will.”

Archbishop Chaput is one of over 140 U.S. bishops who have spoke out against the Health and Human Services rules finalized Jan. 20, which require most new health plans to provide contraception and sterilization – including drugs that can cause an abortion – without a co-pay.

Most religious institutions will not be able to opt out, though HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius gave them an additional year to meet the requirements.

In a letter distributed to parishes to be read at Feb. 5 Sunday Masses, Archbishop Chaput said Catholic institutions “cannot comply with this unjust law without compromising our convictions and undermining the Catholic identity of many of our service ministries.”

“This is not just another important issue among the many we need to be concerned about,” he stated.

“This ruling is different. This ruling interferes with the basic right of Catholic citizens to organize and work for the common good as Catholics in the public square.”

On Feb. 1, White House Domestic Policy Council Director Cecilia Muñoz issued a response to critics of the mandate. She stressed the existence of a religious exemption, cited Guttmacher Institute statistics about contraceptive use among Catholics, and said the mandate excluded abortion-causing drugs.

The exemption, however, applies only to institutions that primarily employ and serve members of the same faith for the purpose of inculcating religious values.

Meanwhile, the emergency contraceptive “Ella” – covered without a co-pay under the mandate – can prevent the survival of a living embryo, and thus qualifies as an abortifacient drug according to the U.S. bishops' Ethical and Religious directives.

In his letter, Archbishop Chaput indicated that the issue at hand had nothing to do with any particular individual's decision to contracept, but was primarily a matter of institutions' right to act in accordance with religious convictions.

But individuals and non-religious institutions, he noted, would also be subject to state coercion.

“Almost all health insurers will be forced to include those 'services' in the health policies they write. And almost all individuals will be forced to buy that coverage as a part of their policies.”

He urged Catholics to educate themselves with the resources of the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and said they should contact their congressional representatives in the House and Senate.

“Your action on this issue matters – not just today but for many years to come; and in ways that will shape the ability of the Church to witness the Gospel publicly through her ministries well into the future.”

The USCCB has made us this bed and now we the faithful are being made to sleep in it. It is time for more Bishops like Arch-Bishop Chaput to stand on their legs and decry in public the evil of this administration.

Less of this What would Jesus Do and more of What Would Jesus Say!



Agnes B Bullock said...

Maybe if the US bishops had not been playing footsie with the Democrat Party for the past 40 some odd years, the Church in America would not be facing this situation! how about excommunicating Sebelius, Pelosi and their fellow travelers, instead of sucking up to the media and the DNC. How about doing the job to which they have been elevated?

Anonymous said...

To the 'What would Jesus Say' crowd, several comments from our Lord and Saviour come to mind;

'You brood of vipers',
'you blind guides',
'You Hypocrites'!

Place these phrases into any on-line Bible or even the IE search facility when leafing through


in particular, the Gospels you will find these easily.

Now, as to the question 'What would jesus do?'


Matt 21: 12
and for a far grittier account of this same incident;
Mark 11: 15. Indeed, it is in Mark's gospel that we see the most realistic, gritty, raw and unvarnished account of Christ's words and actions while on earth.

Jesus had compassion, but he also had spine, guts and courage! Even when healing those with a disability or illness, his healings were often accompanied with an admonition to the healed for life ammendment 'Go and sin no more'.

to read Jesus' response to the religious authorities of His day in the closing chapters of Mark's gospel is to see a tough, fearless, man of God - the Son of God - in action in a way that shows up the limp-wristed mamby-pamby hippy generation's distortions of the Son of God for the insults that they are! Yes, Christ never injured a genuinely 'bruised reed' but He didn't hold back either - especially when it came to both the civil and religious authorities of His time!! So come on hippy bishops, priests and layety, repent and believe the gospel, live it, allow it to infuse every atom of your being and every facet of your lives! Yes, we can do nothing of our own vulition for 'our own righteousness is as filthy rags' (Is 64: 6) but with God , ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE through Christ who strengthens us (Matt 19: 26, Phil 4: 13). including the behaviours and actions that stem from new life in Christ and are evidence of said new life from Matt 25: 34-40 right through to James 2: 26.

these do not contradict one another, but are the various facets of the unfolding life in Christ that starts at the principles in John 3: 16, unfurling into the many Gospel and Pauline admonitions for us to adopt a life faithful to the law of God and live as sons and daughters of the King; bought with a price, grafted into an holy people, a royal priesthood. And as for the heirs of apostles who serve as priests, bishops and Arch Bishops - shed your enslavement to the filth of the 60's and 70's, and stand as men of Christ, unafraid to lead, live, teach and even die for Him in this sick and perverse world into which we find ourselves refugees - especially this past 50 years, but commencing far earlier with the pernitious teachings of an atheist and unfaithful Victorian vanguard.



gemoftheocean said...

Exactly, Agnes. People who tried to hide behind the 'seamless garment' argument are now naked. Not that they'll admit it. The DNC has been the party of death since the early 70s.

Republicans aren't always on the right side of the issue either, but they are much closer on average to the Catholic position than virtually all democrats on the national level.