Politically Correct Hymns!

Question> "What is the difference between a terrorist and a choir director?"

Answer> "You can't negotiate with a choir director."

...Well, I'm at Mass yesterday and we're singing "Holy Holy Holy", when at the 3rd verse I got tripped up. I started singing "Though the eye of sinful man...". Oh, no no no, Mr. Patriarch, that was the wrong verse - you must now go through re-training. Please visit your parish representative of Offensive Hymn Committee to Rehab All Pronouns (also known by it's acronym of Oh Crap).

After that, my mind drifted a bit. Why don't we just re-write everything:

I dislike intently Ad Libs which are not part of the Liturgy. Especially the Gloria, the Sanctus, Ecce Angnus Dei and the Angnus Dei...


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