A nation of thugs

As the recreation coordinator among my other duties in a North Carolina Prison I can say is the jungle rules basketball these guys play would shame inmates.

The coach is to blame for his inability to fully instruct this fellow in good sportsmanship, and the referees should be fired. There is not excuse for this blindness. Is it any wonder that we have players in the NBA like Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Damon Stoudamire, Ruben Patterson, Bonzi Wells, Sam Mack, Glenn Robinson, and Allen Iverson, all of which have complaints filed for assaults. The time to squash this is while he is young.

We are raising a nation of thugs. The desire to win at any cost has it's consequences.


This video went viral the day it was posted.


Anita Moore said...

We're seeing the thuggery not only in the world of sports. Consider the gangs of kids who sweep through restaurants and department stores, stealing and robbing and beating people up. Not to mention the thuggery that takes place at shopping centers during the holidays. When we set ourselves up as our own supreme beings, and Christian charity retreats, this is what we get.

Peterman said...

I saw this clip, these kids are just plain old fashioned bullys, they need to get their lights punched out before they change. Amazing the refs just look and do nothing, what are they thinking?
Catholicism brought toughness and fair play and respect for a competitor and integrity. With no Catholicism out there anymore to influence society we have this, thugs.