300,000 Ninjas Stealthily March Past Reporters During the 39th Annual March for Life

The media said nothing.

A stealth march.

300,000 Ninjas Stealthily March Past Reporters During the 39th Annual March for Life

...However mere "thousands" were spotted - and deemed unimportant

One would think that even 10,000 people marching on our nation's capitol any weekend during the summer would be picked up by the Major Media. The newshounds seem to love a good march whenever it comes up. The Occupy Wall Street protesters, for example, started with a mere 1,000 marchers before being picked up by the news, who followed the movement for months. The highest estimates place the total number of protestors around 30,000 and they received worldwide coverage.

This past Monday, in nearly freezing temperatures and rain, an estimated 300,000-400,000 protestors marched through the streets of Washington D.C. up to the Capitol steps - and went largely unnoticed. Though the March for Life has occured annually for 39 years and consistently had numbers over 250,000 every year since 2003, The New York Times never even mentioned it. No story, no pictures - it didn't happen if you're a Times reader. In fact, it hasn't even had a mention in 5 years.

Those news sources that did actually run a story, had headlines such as, "Thousands March to Protest Roe" and give the opposition the final word:

Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, said in a statement that politicians supporting the March for Life were ignoring more pressing issues.

"Anti-choice politicians and their allies promised to focus on creating jobs, yet they are attacking a woman's right to choose at near-record levels," Keenan said.

"Near-record levels" is quite true, though you wouldn't know it from the way the Major Media tells the story.

So easy to miss, in fact, that CBS "didn't get a single photograph of pro-life protestors".

If you'd like to see a rather entertaining viewpoint that seemed to be largely missed, then

Please enjoy this 4-minute video that highlights a few actual protesters:

C/O James Battle

Shouldn't be suprised, these same reporters missed everything during the Clinton administration, missed the fact that we haven't had a budget in 1000 days, the connection between the administration and "Fast and Furious. The "mainstream media" are getting to be more and more a bog.


Eventually they won't be able to ignore the Pro-life movement.


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