One of the Most Consistent Men in the World: Roger Williams

Stephanie A. Mann has a short post about Roger Williams...

...Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island and one of the most consistent men in the history of the world, at least whom I've ever read about, was born on December 21 in 1603. He was born and baptized in London, although the records were destroyed in the Great Fire of London. He studied at Cambridge and was ordained in the Church of England, but he was not only a Puritan, but a Separatist. Williams was convinced that the Church of England was a totally corrupt church and that a new church must be formed...more

Things never change. It is not a rare sight in this country, and other places that a new ecclesiastic community should pop up overnight in a shopping mall or an abandoned church. During the reformation, which should be called the Protestant Rebellion, errant religious left the Catholic Church due to disagreement over doctrinal issues. Forming their own churches they attempted and attempt still to silence any other doctrine save their own. In this way if a community feels that a woman should be made a pastor, and the current pastor doesn't they vote him out and seperate him from their community. Additionally these churches are exclusionary in so far as they have a tendancy to divide over race as well. In this state 2 Churches of the same denomination sit sometimes within speaking distance, one is black and the other white. This is a stab this is to the body of Christ who called us all to be as one. Roger Williams exemplified this separation, as did Henry VIII, Martin Luther, John Calvin, etc.

Today we in the True Church face yet again a serious threat perpetrated by those who consider themselves above the True Church and her teachings. These unhappy ones see the Church as a place where they may give voice to their misconceived ideas, and that they have a right to demand the Church change to suit them, (ie. female ordination, homosexual marriage and birth control etc...) We have idiots in political office who know less about the Faith than a face lift and who deign to instruct the Church, and who lecture the Faithful on matters of Faith. there are those who are so disordered as to believe that over the 2000 years plus that what the Church says and teaches is not what it really means.

There are no locked doors on the way out of the Church.


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