Question for the Day about Planned Parenthood

I am fairly sure Planned Parenthood would have liked it had I not been born.

Question: Fr. Thomas Collins of Covington, VA asks,

Why is it that Joe Paterno gets sacked for not reporting child sex abuse, and bishops get sued for not reporting child sex abuse, but Planned Parenthood gets subsidized ($360,000,000+/year) for not reporting and for covering up the "consequences" of child sex abuse? It seems that allegiance to the pro-abortion war against inconvenient human life absolves one from the need to obey inconvenient laws.
Thanks to Les Femmes the Truth
Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood speaks out, right here...


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Anonymous said...


I am the daughter of an adopted mother, sister of an adopted brother. If todays mores were deemed 'the norm' in 1939 or 1972 my mother (and by default, i), and my brother would not ever have lived. 'Pro choice' see this sort of thing as a straw man argument, but I can assure you, I am most definitely of flesh and blood, as is my brother, as was my beloved mother (taken way before time).

Let us petition the Throne of Grace that life will out!!

God help us!!