Le retour du Roy!

Vive le roy, Vive Louis XX!


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Peterman said...

Unfortunately for this Spaniard his actual reign will be very short if at all.

Marie Julie Jahenny mentions a king on the throne for a short period who has contact with Spain and then is unfortunately cast to the bottom of a deep dungeon. She also mentions another king (likely an Orleans) who is placed on the throne for a very brief time and who steps down from the throne blaspheming as the Great Monarch Henri V de la Croix, steps right past him to claim the throne after traveling in from Germany. As he marches into The Holy Kingdom of France completely unopposed by the enemies of France who have seized the country and laid defenses against him, not one of his men will be killed.

Neither Marie Julie Jahenny mor Saint Anne Catherine Emmerich (who both name Henry V by name) nor any other of the dozens of prophets make any mention of this spaniard having any significant reign.

The time is short and Our Lady tells us through the ecstasies of Mary Julie Jahenny not to waste any time or concern for the current rulers of France. She calls the current ruler of France a "pillar of mud" and indeed Sarkozy means pillar of mud in Hungarian. She also tells us not to doubt the Great Monarch will come because it amounts to a lack of faith. It is due to this that I don't waste time and mental energy thinking about pretenders to he crown who can do nothing for The Holy Kingdom. Only one man can and his time is soon. Deo Gratias.