Naissance de "l’enfant du miracle".

Il y a 191 ans, le 29 septembre 1820 :

Charles Ferdinand d'Artois, Duc de Berry, fils cadet du Roi Charles X, et de son épouse Marie Caroline des Deux-Siciles, est assassiné, dans la nuit du 13 au 14 février 1820, par l'ouvrier Louvel qui voulait éteindre la race des Bourbons. La Duchesse de Berry, enceinte au moment du drame, accoucha sept mois et demi plus tard (le 29 septembre) d’Henri, Duc de Bordeaux, qui sera plus tard connu sous le titre de Comte de Chambord et sera reconnu par les Légitimistes comme Henri V, en 1844, à la mort de son oncle, Louis XIX. par Julie Cathelineau

Charles Ferdinand of Artois, Duke of Berry, youngest son of the King Charles X, and of his spouse Mary Caroline of the Two Sicilies, was murdered, on the night of the 13to February 14 1820, by a worker, Louvel, whose design was to extinguish the race of the Bourbons. The Duchess of Berry, pregnant at the time, delivered seven and half months later (September 29) a son, Henri, titled the Duke of Bordeaux, and later under the title of Count of Chambord. He will be recognized by the Légitimistes as Henri V, in 1844, upon the death of his uncle, Louis XIX.

More on this episode comes from Elena-Maria Vidal's book "Madame Royale". Elena-Maria relates: Caroline of Naples was known as the Duchesse de Berry from the time of her marriage to Berry in 1816. Caroline introduced sea-bathing to high society and it was considered quite scandalous. She also enjoyed window shopping and they named one of the first Parisian street-cars after her. In spite of her impetuous ways, she was quite popular with the French people. She was also a generous patroness of the arts and her charitable contributions usually exceeded her annual income. Berry was murdered before her eyes in February of 1820 and their son Henri “the Miracle Child” was born in September, 1820. Their country home was Rosny, where Caroline had a special chapel devoted to Berry's memory. When Berry was killed at the opera, Caroline said, "I have lost the only person in the world who can make me happy."more...


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