...In a furious passion, Cromwell ordered that no quarter was to be given. Mill Mount was protected by a bank and ditch and a timber palisade but these defences were soon broken down and the Royalists put to the sword. Aston was bludgeoned to death with his own wooden leg, which the Parliamentarian soldiers believed to be filled with gold coins. The rest of the garrison fled across the Boyne into the northern part of the town, pursued closely by Colonel Venables' troops who prevented the Royalists from raising the drawbridge behind them...

My late maternal grandfather, an Irishman, sometimes told my brother James and I about Cromwell and his depredations. If he meant to scare us I do not know but sometimes I trembled at the thought of this bloody murdered killing Irishmen for no other reason except that his victims were Irish and Catholic. He did not end the Faith, he strengthened it.

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Peterman said...

Thank you for this piece on the despicable Cromwell, cursed be his name forever. I have gotten into it with the Cromwell historical society about this villain from history. If you travel to Barbados you can see some of the descendents of the flower of Irish nobility. Cromwell had shipped them off into slavery there and their descendents live there today. I have met several of them when I visited there, they are a poor minority on that island.