A Stolen Life

...What saved Jaycee's sanity and self-respect, other than the grace of God, was the memory of her mother. She knew that she was her mother's beloved child, no matter what she was to her captors. She knew that the love she had for her mother was a reality as real as the nightmare around her. When she bore the children of her rapist, without any medical assistance through either of her pregnancies or deliveries, she chose love over hatred. She nurtured and protected her children and did everything she could to educate them with the meager resources at her disposal. When her youngest daughter was eleven, the very age in which she was kidnapped, Jaycee and the girls were delivered at last from captivity...

Survival. One of the key elements in survival is the will to survive. Elena-Maria makes this point in todays post at Tea at Trianon. It is a good read. While Elena-Maria probably knows Jay-cee's survival mimics the survival of Madame Royale, the Eldest daughter of Louis XVI. It was will power and memories of her mother and Father which ultimately brought her threw the terror.

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This is an example of why it is so important to bring your children up with a strong faith.


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Thank you very much for the link, Richard, and for making the connection.