Princess Diana

It was on this date in 1997 that Princess Diana, former wife of Charles Prince of Wales was killed in Paris.

Many people know that I was not a great admirer of Diana, due mainly to her lack of nobility in unburdening herself of her predilections to the world. They were better left unstated. As a woman she was very beautiful, graceful and intellegent, yet not overly wise. She was caring although misguided in her campioning of anti-landmine programs, and her desire to end aids. She will be remembered for visiting hospitals, injured children and for speaking out against injustice. It is her greatest glory.

Certain events in human history seem to be replayed over and over. On August 31, 1997 Princess Diana and Dody Al-Fayed were killed in an automobile incident in Paris. Their death happened in the Tunel d'Alma, which runs under the Astrid Bridge, named after the Belgian Queen Astrid, a victim of another automobile accident almost 67 years prior to the day in the Alps on 27 August 1935.

Also on this day in 1422 that Henry V, King of England, and victor of Agincourt died, opening the door for renewed conflict between the French and the English over who was the rightful king of France, Henry VI or his uncle Charles VII.


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Kaj B. Genell said...

Perhaps Princess Diana was the wisest person ever ? How would you like to be described yourself, if at all , by somebody who never even met you?