Dr Warren Carroll

The late Dr. Warren H. Carroll a leading Catholic historian and author, and the founder of Christendom College,returned his soul to God on 17 July, 2011. He was 79 years old.

A convert to Christianity, Dr. Warren Carroll was educated at Bates College and received a Doctorate of History from Columbia University. After founding Christendom College, he served as the College's president until 1985 and then as the chairman of its History Department until his retirement in 2002. He is the author of numerous historical works including "The Rise and Fall of the Communist Revolution" and his major multi-volume work "The History of Christendom."

As an historian, dates were very important to Dr. Carroll. In the 5th Volume of his History of Christendom series, The Revolution Against Christendom (pages 275-279), Dr. Carroll wrote about the Carmelite Martyrs of Compeigne, who died on July 17, 1794, and on whose feast day he died.
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I carry several books with me, The Bible, Chronicles of the Crusades, Life of St Louis by Villhardoun and Joinville, Joan of Arc: Her Story by Pernoud, and Guillotine and the Cross by Dr Carroll.

This is a review of that latter tome...

The Guillotine and the Cross(Warren Carroll, Christendom Press, 1991)
reviewed by Matthew M. Anger

To the theological temperament the [French] Revolution was, of course, proof that neither God nor Satan had abandoned the heroic battleground of this earth. - Crane Brinton, A Decade of Revolution, 1789-1799

Few studies of the French Revolution illustrate the underlying theological reality of human events as well as Warren Carroll's Guillotine and the Cross (Christendom Press, 1991). It is a book that has already joined the ranks of classic Catholic history, along with the works of Hilaire Belloc, William Thomas Walsh and Christopher Hollis, for its engaging narrative and uncompromising analysis. An example of Carroll's style is his discussion of the attempt by Robespierre to concoct a Jacobin faith to replace the old Creed. The Revolution, while abolishing Catholicism, condescended to acknowledge the existence of God. In commemoration of this progressive discovery, it proclaimed a "festival of the Supreme Being" which took place in May 1793. These events, says Carroll

"...are all discussed by most historians, even Catholic historians, with a seriousness which under all the circumstances they hardly seem to deserve. Whatever it was that Robespierre was talking about was very far removed from the God of the martyrs of the Revolution... It was a "god" who seems to have borne a rather close resemblance to Maximillien Robespierre himself. At the "festival of the Supreme Being" he hailed this god from an enormous pasteboard mountain which he had run ahead of the formal procession to be assured of climbing first. From its summit, dressed in a robin's-egg blue coat and jonquil-colored breeches, he addresses an enormous throng through clouds of incense. In honor of the occasion [he notes wryly], the guillotine was draped in velvet that day and did not strike off a single head..."

Dr Carroll will be missed by us but not by Heaven.

Dr Carroll produced 22 lectures which are listed here...

1 The Shadow of Genghis Khan
2 Lord Horatio Nelson
3 Alexander the Great
4 Isabel of Spain: The Catholic Queen
5 McCarthy: The Myth and the Truth
6 Danton's Conversion in the French Revolution
7 Bonnie Prince Charlie
8 Blessed Charles of Austria: A Man of Peace in a World at War
9 Charles V: The Man Who Saved Christendom
10 John Schmitz: A Catholic Hero
11 The Devil Unchained: The Ten Deaths of Rasputin
12 The Protestant Revolt, Not a Reformation
13 The Arctic Eagle: Carl Gustaf Mannerheim
14 The Death of Lenin
15 The Russian Civil War: 1918-1926
16 The Russian Revolution: Part One
17 The Russian Revolution: Part Two
18 Witness: Whittaker Chambers
19 Andrew Eiva and the End of the Communist Empire
20 Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal (1390-1460)
21 The Fall of the Soviet Union
22 The Watchwords of Christendom College: Truth Exists, the Incarnation Happened

All of these lectures can be down loaded free from iTunes U

May the Saints and Apostles pray for you Dr Carroll.


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