Demoiselles Mello de la Metairie

In the last few days I have posted about crimes against children in this age. Today a post by Elena-Maria Vidal draws attention to itself.

The horrors of the war in "La Vendée" have often so found a place on this blog.

Another execution [in Nantes] also tended to change the tide of popular feeling—that of four sisters, the Demoiselles Mello de la Metairie. Deprived of both their parents, these young ladies had continued to live in their native city, devoting their lives to the care of the sick and the consolation of the poor and afflicted. No other crime was ever laid to their charge; but it was enough to draw down upon their heads the fury of the “patriots.” They were denounced as exercising a baneful influence over their countrymen, dragged before the revolutionary tribunal, and condemned to be guillotined on the morrow. The eldest was only twenty-four years of age. more...

Just as in Paris with the death of 16 Carmelites it took another 4 virginal girls to die in the faith to end the terror.

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Elena-Maria.


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