Katherine of Aragon

It seems that everyone is blogging about the cause for Katherine of Aragon the last Catholic Queen of England. Not wishing to necessarily repeat the same links I just place this sole link to Tea at Trianon. But I will post some pictures...

Above Peterboro Cathedral, (CoE) The final resting place of Queen Katherine.

The grave of Katherine. See notes below.

Let us Pray that the God raises her to the Altar.


Note 1: It is my belief that all of these are in fact portrats of Katherine of Aragon, I have found that many of the portraits on the web are mislabeled and are instead Catherine Howard. the chin is the identifying characteristic feature.

Note 2: Mary Queen of Scots was also buried at Peterboro Cathedral as she was executed nearby but was later moved Westminster Abbey.


Bryan said...

I believe the second, third, and fourth paintings are by Michel Sittow and are of Catherine, the Blessed Virgin, and Mary Magdalene, respectively. It seems likely that Sittow used Catherine as a model for these paintings.

Looking at Catherine in the second portrait, it is obvious why.


The Moderate Jacobite said...

Thank you for the links to this developing cause.

A small point to note, however, she was not the last Catholic Queen - Henrietta Maria (Queen Consort of Charles I) and Mary of Modena (Queen Consort of James II/VII) were both Catholics as well.

Brantigny said...

You are correct! I listed them as that in my file. My only problem is that the chin is not as prominent as her later portraits. It caused me to wonder, and I thought that I should at least mention it.