Ella Cate Inman

This post is near and dear to my heart. As many of you may remember my late father recently died of a brain tumor which had spread from his liver and died after a long period. My devoted mother and sister cared for him at home in hospice for six months. The pain of a loved one who left after a remarkably active life pains me still.

I have known Ella Cate's mother for some time as she was the unit Psychologist here at the prison unit I work at. She is a fine and caring doctor who treated the worst characters among us, as if she saw the Face of Christ in each one.

Ella Cate Inman was diagnosed with a brain tumor in late October. The type of cancer she was diagnosed with is Medulloblastoma and she is currently undergoing extensive treatment at Duke Medical Center through the world renowned Tisch Brain Tumor Center.

Medulloblastoma, although rare overall, is one of the most common types of brain tumors in children accounting for about 20-25% of tumors. Research has advanced significantly in the past decade with the help of doctors and researchers at institutions such as Duke, St. Jude's and other hospitals in the Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium (www.pbtc.org). Because it can be quite an aggressive cancer, treatment is aggressive. Ella Cate has recently finished her first course of treatment and has done very well. Her surgery in October removed the tumor in its entirety and it was confirmed that it had not spread to her spine. She tolerates the inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy quite well. The doctors are optimistic about her recovery. You wouldn't know she was battling cancer if she hadn't lost her hair! She is a fighter and we are so grateful for her strength and spirit. Angels Among Us (www.angelsamongus.org) is the charity that helps support the Tisch Brain Tumor Center.

Please pray for this littlest among us. In the Name of God...

St. Gerard, who, like the Savior, loved children so tenderly and by your prayers freed many from disease and even death, listen to us who are pleading for this sick child. We thank God for the great gift of this child and ask him to restore her to health if such be His Holy Will. This favor, we beg of you through your love for all children and mothers. Amen.

Ella Cate and her big sister Easton. Ella Cate et la soeur, Easton 6 ans

Ella Cate

A happpy girl. Une heureux fille.

Ella Cate Inman a été diagnostiqué avec une tumeur de cerveau à la fin du mois d'octobre. Le type de cancer qu'elle a été diagnostiquée avec est Medulloblastoma et elle subit actuellement le traitement vaste au Centre de Médical de Duke par le renommé mondial Centre de Tumeur de Cerveau de Tisch

En 2000 approximativement 2.76 enfants par 100.000 ont été affectés par a Tumeur de CNS aux Etats-Unis. Ce taux avait augmenté et d'ici 2005 était 3.0 enfants par 100.000. C'est approximativement 2.500-3.000 tumeurs de cerveau pédiatriques se produisant tous les ans aux USA. L'incidence de tumeur augmente environ de 2.7% par an. CNS Le taux de survie de Cancer chez les enfants est approximativement 60%. Cependant, ce taux change avec l'âge du début (plus jeune a une mortalité plus élevée) et du type de cancer.

Chez les enfants au-dessous de 2, environ 70% de tumeurs de cerveau sont medulloblastoma, ependymoma, et de qualité inférieure glioma. Moins généralement, et vu habituellement dans les enfants en bas âge, sont teratoma et tumeur atypique de rhabdoid de teratoid.

En le Nom de le Bon Dieu...

St. Gerard, qui, comme le Sauveur, les enfants aimés si tendrement et par vos prières a libéré beaucoup de la maladie et même la mort, écouter nous qui plaident pour cet enfant malade. Nous remercions Dieu pour le grand cadeau de cet enfant et lui demandons de la restaurer à la santé si tel est Son Saint Will. Cette faveur, nous mendions de vous par votre amour pour tous les enfants et de mères. Amen.


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