Robespierre, on his birthday

I have written on Robespierre before. One of these postings has elicited 52 comments(!) by someone who attempted to equate the death of Robespierre with slavery. So I have decided to post this short missive on the terrorist's birthday. An obvious comparison is too easy, therefore I will avoid it.

In 1793, Robespierre, a Dieist, a man more suited to murder and vandalism than the leader of the French people, devised a plan, a new religion really, in which Reason and not God would be the supreme being. He should have known better.
The dechristianization of France began with the sacrilege of the Church in it's people, to its buildings and the institution of a radically different replacement. All throughout France, churches and cathedrals were turned into public warehouses, stables, and pigsties. Sanctuaries were desecrated, statues of the Saints beheaded, Tabernacles emptied of the Blessed Sacrament, and altars used for the indescribable. The feast days of Martyrs for the Faith were replaced by feast days for martyrs of the revolution, and God by the goddess of reason. A cardboard model of a mountain was constructed and placed in the nave of the cathedral, surmounted by a scantly clad woman*, the first being Thérèse Momoro. She was placed on the high altar of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. In the panoply of the saints of this new religion were Paine, Franklin, Voltaire.

God and the Blessed Virgin would not allow this to continue.

The Cult of Reason was intended to complement, in the religious sphere, the radical opposition of the enrages to Robespierre's political project. In particular, Chaumette and Hébert objected to Robespierre's emphasis on the Supreme Being as a back-handed return to theism, and instead advocated the worship of reason, personified as a goddess. The Cult of Reason enjoyed a certain support among the sans-cullotes before the persecution of the Hebertists drove it underground. Both cults were the outcome of the de-Christianisationof France during the Revolution, and suffered during the Thermidorian Reaction, and Bonaparte's rapprochement with the papacy.

It failed because the proponents of this new religion failed to remember the simplest of historical facts, France is Catholic and God is not mocked.

...and so Madame Royale was overcome at the sight of a statue which meant so much to her Mother and Father, and represented the person to whom she prayed to so fervently for courage when all seemed against her. Yes, Robespierre there is a God.

Dieu le Roi,

*I would have said prostitute but I can not find any primary sources.

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