Riding Habits

Elena Maria posts a link about riding habits. In the eighteenth century, they were worn for more than just riding.

In his Reminiscences, the Rev. T. Mozley noted that "Till...1835, it was a very ordinary thing to meet with ladies who, to save the trouble and cost of following fashion, never wore anything but a close-fitting habit. It required a good figure and bearing, that is, beauty unadorned....The effect, however, was apt to be masculine, and when prolonged to middle age gave the lady a kind of epicene character, in which she could take what part she pleased." To the link...

Below are some photographs from Thomason Photography with permission by the owner. He has a Facebook site.

May be it is just me, or perhaps I was born out of time, but women dressed more like women then even when they dressed for utility.


Note: All the Women are pictured as wearing a "chapeau à trois cornes".

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