The rapture is over now, please return to your places...

Are we there yet?

Drat! I'm still here.

I looked at the Family Radio website today... It has changed.
The old web page is here...
The new homepage, here... has a funny graphic at the bottom, "What's New... should be "What's new?

The pity is, people who listened to this message and sold their houses, cars, and property, are now dis-enthralled with Camping's message. These heretical communities now have a problem oon their hands, because in a emotion and sensually based faith, when the emotion is crushed and the feeling is changed the faith sometimes disappears. Those in the True Faith are not worried about the "rapture". It will come when it will come. I will not go into the we "will not know the hour or the day", once again proven by God. We are prepared every day.

The Catholic View of the Rapture...


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