Presisdential hopeful Ron Paul and his libertarian views

You see libertarians, to remain libertarian, are forced to accept everthing as a freedom no matter how offensive or destructive as long as the Constitution does not say otherwise. Ron Paul's acceptance of prostitution, abortion, and all manner of other self destructive lifestyles shows this to be true. Listen to his remarks in this video, and then listen to the Fox News Catholic commentator Father Jonathan Morris respond. Ron Paul is applauded and Father Jonathan is laughted at by the people on the set with him and his words are twisted and made fun of. A martyr for the truth. Yet Father Jonathan stood up to these poor befuddled ones.

Pope John-Paul II on Thomas More and morality in government.
When he wanted to send a message to politicians worldwide, John Paul II declared Saint Thomas More the Patron of Statesmen and Politicians (October 31, 2000). He listed various reasons for making this choice. Fundamentally he spoke of “the need felt by the world of politics and public administration for credible role models able to indicate the path of truth at a time in history when difficult challenges and crucial responsibilities are increasing.” His key phrase refers to men and women who can “indicate the path of truth.”

The pope went on to say that: “What enlightened [Thomas More’s] conscience was the sense that man cannot be sundered from God, nor politics from morality.” In Church teaching there is a profound sense of truth that even embraces politicians and statesmen — like it or not — and which is both grounded in God and orders the moral behavior of men and women, both the public servants themselves and the people whom they represent. This is to say that faith in God is eminently necessary. In Thomas Aquinas’ words: “the gift of wisdom presupposes faith, because ‘a man judges well what he knows’ (Ethic. i, 3).” (ST II II question 45) This comes from the Summa’s section on human actions.

It is simple, if you can not be moral, then how can you lead a nation and expect morality?

Quod erat demonstrandum, a good choice for President Ron Paul is not.

St. Louis' letter of advice to advice his eldest son, the later Philip III provides us with some insight into the attitudes of one of the most Holy and important French kings. The same holds true to presidents and wannabe presidents.


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