Odd and ends

Things that I can not understand.

1. The need for flip-flops as part of an ensemble. They are for the shower. I do not like looking at nasty toes or dirty feet when I am eating in a resturant or at Mass. The bit about Jesus worn sandals does not fly either because then they washed their feet.

2. Tattoos; They are bad enough on men, but on women "tatZ" are just down right unattractive. I especially hate it when the out side of the leg is marked and it looks like a fungus. (from feet which are dirty from wearing flip flops.) Barbed wire around the ankle, or upper arm, is a statement of fashion this year but next? Check out his Girl to the left, Doh! If she is wearing footgear, flip flops...

3. Short pants (and flip flops) on people at Mass who are not babies. Beach anyone? The Baptismal font is not a pool. Tanks tops are obligatory for this fashion terror.

4. Chewing gum. Remember that Mexican general who attacked the Alamo? Chewing gum was introduced to America by Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón (say that quick 3 times.) after the Civil War, undoubtiably for revenge, for his defeat by Sam Houston. Thank God for my Nuns and the Marine Corps for my undying dislike for gum. It is not just the snapping and blowing bubbles it is also all the places that gumchewers find to dispose of it.

That is all my pet peeves for today.

Worse case senario...
A male or female, flip flop wearing, bubble gum chewing, tatoo artist, going to communion in short pants and a tank top.


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