OBL is dead.

Yep, I woke up today, to hear the news that OBL is dead. Even though I was asleep I did not really feel like cheering. The nexus of our hate has been eradicated. As I have said in an earlier post to kill one must hate, even for a moment.

After 9/11 I would, I admit, have killed him with my bare hands, especially after watching videos of the death at "ground zero"; people falling or jumping out of the towers to escape a fiery death, and the carnage left in the wake of his criminality. I don't feel that anymore, in fact not for a while. I would have much preferred his capture, and trial by a military tribunal. That is not now to be.

Why do I say captured and trial? The answer is simple, a trial would have removed the mystique which will no doubt surround him, and in the eyes of his supporters, his "martyrdom". We would have been seen as the pitious man he truely was, just as we saw the fat guy hiding in a hole in Iraq.

It is said that his body was buried at sea. It will not be long before the conspiracy nuts are going to come out of the walls like cockroaches saying "...it really wasn't OBL it was his double, and he isn't really dead, or "The government just wanted to stop chasing him and wasting money,.." "Obama needed a victory to steady his base. OBL will now get a new apartment in Palm Springs next to the golf course with a good Jewish doctor to give him Dialisis." I want to be sick. He is dead and his body is with the fishes. Sea food.

Some of the things I have heard and do not like are, "Now the 343 brothers we lost in the twin towers are finally avenged." Avenged? Does anybody really think that the men who died on 9/11 are really thinking of vengence? Here is a short excerpt from Peggy Noonan...

...The observation is that of Father George Rutler, a Roman Catholic priest who ran to the Trade Center when the towers were hit. As New York’s firemen, the first and still greatest warriors of World War IV, passed the priest on the way to the buildings they’d pause for a moment and ask for prayers, for a blessing, for the sacrament of confession. Soon they were lined up to talk to him in rows, “like troops before battle,” he told me. He took quick confessions, and finally gave general absolution “the way you do in a war, for this was a war.”

When I heard this story it stopped me dead in my tracks because it told me what I’d wondered. They knew. The firemen knew exactly what they were running into, knew the odds, and yet they stood in line, received the sacrament, hoisted the hoses on their backs and charged...
They are not crying for vengance, their full attention can only be directed toward God. ...and that is where our attention should be as well...

He (Osama) has stood before Jesus, the souls of his victims were around him, and having been shown his sins as thick as grass in a spring meadow, what he has done and what he has failed to do, it will be too late for him to repent then, and he will have no advocate. He will bow his knee at the name of Jesus, and then be gone...

If he had been allowed to repent and convert, as slim as the chance may have been, a soul could have been won for Christ, and not lost to Satan.


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Brantigny said...

The conspiracy theories have started. Now that the photos will not be released they will again be even more in abundance.