Mother to Mother...

Marie-Antoinette, who when Canonized should be proclaimed the Patron Saint of The Prolife Movement. Elena-Maria has today posted a another story about the kindness of Queen Marie-Antoinette, not as a Queen but aa a mother. The whole history of the woman has shown her compassion for her subjects, but further, it shows the desire of la Reine-Martyr her and understanding of life. Childbirth in this century is hard on a woman, it was even more so for those in the 17th and 18th century. Marie-Antoinette knew also hard hard life was having lost two children of her own in their childhood.

Marie-Antoinette and Expectant Mothers

...When the expecting mother was about to sit down, the Queen called over a servant and said: “Go to my bedroom, and bring a cushion for this lady,” and then explained her gesture, saying, “Many cares are required when in your condition. This marble bench is too cold for you to sit down on...”



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