Letter from Sarah

I have received several comments over time from Sarah, an Australian, receiving this particular one on my recent post entitled Ugly Statistics.. I thought it would be good to reprint this as well as post it to comments


This makes the heart cry out in agony! It is hideous, absolutely hideous!! God help us! May His chastisement arise soon that the heinous treatment of the voiceless might be brought to an end once and for all!

I am the daughter of an adopted mother, the sister of an adopted brother, a survivor of micro-premi birth and one who lives with the resultant vision impairments (but considers such a fair price for me to pay for the gift of life - 40 years of it - god's hand of providence - survived in 1970 born at only 26 weeks!!).

(to see how the individual with vision impairment can access computer tech, look at www.humanware.comwww.serotek.com and www.freedomscientific.com to hear how your site is spoken, go to www.satogo.com for Catholic material (including Catechism) in giant print, audio and Braille, go to http://www.xaviersocietyfortheblind.org/for Bibles in same, go to

XSB has provided me, free of charge, the Catechism, complete book of prayers, guide to praying the rosary, monthly Mass Propers and bi-monthly newsletters, all in Braille. The team have been incredible and I commend this organization to you for regular prayers, ...

But back to the matter at hand...The voiceless are trampled upon!
The helpless left defenceless!!

Remember, the OT prophets spoke about the abuse of the 'widow and orphan' regularly, and ancient Israel's turning away from God's law of life and faith...remember what happened upon each occasion Israel of Old strayed?? If we continue to stray, He shall bring us right back into line and it won't necessarily be a pretty sight...though much deserved!

God help us!

Thank you for this confronting yet vitally important blog entry.



Thank you Sarah from the bottom of my heart.

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