The Great Alcuin

Some time ago there was a European miniseries which perported to be the biography of Charlemagne. After watching that it would have been hard to imagine Charles as a Saint, although that is what Jeanne the Maid* called him when she explained why God sent her on her mission. That is where I first learned about Alcuin of York. Hearing about the great King of the Franks, the preservor of the Church, and a desendant of the Hammer. It may be said with complete confidence that this is the man that made Charlemagne who he became.

Elena-Maria Vidal's has posted this on the educator monk of the educator Emperor.


*Then Jeanne said to me : "Are you the Bastard of Orleans?" "Yes," I answered; "and I am very glad of your coming !" " Is it you who said I was to come on this side [of the river], and that I should not go direct to the side where Talbot and the English are ?" "Yes, and those more wise than I are of the same opinion, for our greater success and safety." "In God's Name," she then said, "the counsel of My Lord is safer and wiser than yours. You thought to deceive me, and it is yourselves who are deceived, for I bring you better succor than has ever come to any general or town whatsoever the succor of the King of Heaven. This succor does not come from me, but from God Himself, Who, at the prayers of Saint Louis and Saint Charlemagne, has had compassion on the town of Orleans, and will not suffer the enemy to hold at the same time the Duke and his town!"

JEAN, Bastard of Orleans, Count de Dunois testimony at the Trial of Nullification, 1449-1455

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