Priest says he tries to be true liberal

From the Catholic Virginian. February 21, 2011.

Thank you so much for your article concerning the Latin Mass in Appomattox (Feb. 7 issue). I would just like to pass on my perspective as priest and pastoral person.

As one of my teachers at Catholic University, Father Charles Curran, used to say, “We are a big church and there is room enough for everybody.”

In my early years as a priest in Virginia Beach, Father Bill Dale, my wonderful mentor, created a space at Church of the Ascension for a reformed Jewish community called Beth Chaverim in the 1980s and 1990s. A Hindu community also needed a place to meet so they met in the upstairs from the commons.

My own theology embraces liturgical dance (prayerful movement), lay men and women leading prayer and giving reflections in appropriate circumstances. While the Latin Mass is not my personal piety, I believe that those with such piety have a right to practice their way of being close to the Lord.

I try to be a true liberal, that is, not just allowing for my post Vatican II practices, but those practices which may be different from my own.

It is most important that we pray that Christ will always find room in our hearts.

Fr. James Gallagher
Our Lady of Peace, Appomattox




Anonymous said...

Good Father Gallagher,

Everyone has had enough of your vatican 2 liberal mess thank you very much. Your liturgical dance is heretical and from the evil one. Our Lord is truly present. 41 years is quite enough thank you very much, begone, retire, move on to a quiet, contemplative retirement and do no more harm to the Church!

A great future council (a REAL council) of the Church will define this clearly and outlaw your abuses of the Holy Mass.

Anita Moore said...

As one of my teachers at Catholic University, Father Charles Curran, used to say[...]

That right there, without more, told me everything I needed to know.

Dymphna said...

The Richmond diocese has a lot of problems.

Brantigny said...

A great deal can be lain at the feet of the Bishop emeritus. He favored female ordination as well as all manner of things. My fist class of Confimants did not want to be Confirmed by him. In the end they did however.

Brantigny said...

The parish is still recovering from the reign of terror imposed on it during his stay.