Tha Catholic Cartoon Blog has posted a note thanking St Therese for looking after his little flower. Here is my reply, I have only told this to my wife, and only late on Easter night.

13 years ago my granddaughter Savannah was Baptised at Infant of Prague Catholic Church in Jacksonville NC. Her cousin Alexis was a baby, and I asked to hold her. They have a small alcove in which a statue of the Virgin stands with candles lit all around. Since this is a Marine town with many of the Marines deployed the candles remain lit perpetually by the wives and sweethearts of the men oversea.

It was at this time that I consecrated the baby Alexis to the Virgin, and requested she would look after her and guide her.

My son and her mother were divorced about 3 years ago. Her mother (never a Catholic)has since "converted" to Islam. She has from time to time taken my two granddaughters to the mosque as well as my youngest grandson. (they all hate it.)

My grandsons love to go to Mass with us. My oldest grandson at 10 has even gone to the Priest and asked to become a Catholic. But most importantly Alexis has been going to Mass for some time with a friend (at a different parish).

On Easter Sunday she specifically asked to go to Mass with us. After Mass she asked "who is that Lady". I want to say, "That is your Patroness."

Pray for Alexis.


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