This is not another spagetti western this is the truth.

More, and more on the Christeros War, and more on the Christeros soldiers...

Viva Christos Rey! Christ the King Lives.



Anonymous said...

My great grandfather was a Cristero. He and his family had to hide from the soldiers. One time they shot my great grandfather horse and he hid in a cave the soldiers shot him so many time, but they couldn's kill him. This movie is very emotional to so many people because is a part of our history. I grew up hearing stories how people were shot and killed because of their religion.

Brantigny said...

Dear Anonymous, It is my profound hope that this film is the catylist of a new awakening amongst the Catholics of Mexico to the Faith.

In my parish there are many Mexican families where the parents were not even married in the church only in the office of the mayor. I feel real pain for those who have been placed in this situation.

Viva Christos Rey