Siege of Vienna Diorama

This is a diorama of the Siege of Vienna, located in Katzelsdorf, south of Vienna. I have included two photos (below) from the blog History in 1/72. Before you look at the pictures I want you to know this, the figures are all hand painted, they are flat and 2 dimensional.

As a little kid, I saved up my 1.25 and mom sent off for them. In about a month and a half of running home to see if they came in the mail*, they came and I was... agast. They were flat! I had hopes of integrating them into my collection of fighting men but they were as unfit for my style of toy soldier war fighting as a classified -4F duck in a -1A swan squadron.

If I had only known...

I came across this article in the Wars of Louis Quatorze about the Siege of Vienna which directed me to this magnificent display...
(Above) The defenders, Austrian troops.
(Above) The Moslem siege lines.

And what about the soldiers? They were American Revolution figures, I don't exactly remember what happened to them. My mother kept an immaculate house, so they were probably tossed out when she cleaned the house, which she did every day. I swear you could eat off the floor, (likely because there were never any of my soldiers on it.) If I left something laying on the floor it disappeared, mysteriously.

Since 1963 the soldiers have increased in value to the point that there is no point in trying to find them. The last quote I saw was about 150.00.


* A view of my life during this period can bee seen here... This film is really about me, I had the same reaction (and he looked like me too!)

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