Le système de défense médiéval à Orléans

The system of defense in medieval Orléans.

Le système de défense médiéval à Orléans a short video is found at the link below which explores the city's defensive works by archeologists examining the remains of the city from medival times.

Visit site with Pascal Joyeux (Joyous Easter, what a good name!), archaeologist in charge of operations, Inrap, and Françoise Michaud-Fréjaville, medieval historian.

Four searches were recently conducted previously due to the construction of a second line of tram for the town of Orléans. from the Place De Gaulle to l’Étape, they constitute a true excavation through the medieval city. These searches allowed for examination of the constitution and the evolution of a vast urban space, understanding city itself, its systems of defense and its immediate approaches.


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