The Educaton of Saint Louis IX

Every saint had a mother, Elena-Maria Vidal shows us one such mother whose instruction into the faith was instumental in the life of Saint Louis. For all those feminists in the Church who deny themselves to agitate for priestesshood, see what a real woman can do.

For a bit more on Blanche of Castile, mother of two Saints, go here...

St Louis, Pray for us.


Note: "... She said moreover that her mother taught her the Paster Noster, Ave Maria, Credo..." Jheanne d'Arc, Procès de Condamnation... (In MS 1119, the relevant passage occurs on f 12v, lines 22 - 23)

Children recieve all of their early instruction in the Faith from their mother. Blanche taught louis, as Mary taught the creator of the universe how to walk. Mary too taught Jesus, The Word Incarnate, his first words, no doubt it was daddy. Why should any woman want to be "more" than that?

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