Avalon, New Foundland

...(Score: 84) Imagine Iowa stripped of its farms, or Texas after the oil runs dry. That approaches the cataclysm experienced on the Canadian island of Newfoundland in 1992, when large-scale cod fishing was banned.

The epicenter was Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula, which dangles from the island’s southeastern corner by a slender 35-mile-long isthmus. The peninsula is home to one of the oldest English cities in North America—the provincial capital of St. John’s—and a winding coastline dotted with picturesque and accessible fishing villages that look out on the Atlantic Ocean and its Grand Banks. Once one of the world’s most bountiful fishing grounds, these nutrient-rich underwater plateaus powered the economy of the Avalon Peninsula, drawing people to this rugged land to fish big. But severe overfishing in the 1980s decimated the cod population, and it hasn’t recuperated. Many think it never will...more...

By Jay Walljasper
From the November-December 2010 issue of National Geographic Traveler

Good news is they have found oil... Since they have no Obama they are drilling.


A picture from across a cove from my brother-in-laws fishing cottage in Renews, Newfoundland. Icebergs in the backyard. Is that a dolphin the the water there?


Matterhorn said...

Beautiful scenery, and the light in the first image is spectacular!

Brantigny said...

I am fond of light houses too. I have 2 more tovisit with my wife in North Carolina.

Elisa said...

I remember hearing about this place in a religion class about Catholicism in the US at my Catholic undergrad. (My professor was an Augustinian friar, one of several still there at the college) Things didn't go so well for the colony.
If Lord Baltimore had stayed there, then the founding of Maryland would've been later!

tubbs said...

My maternal grandparents were Newfies. The English part from the 17th century and the Irish part came during the famine.
Their's is a hard land, and their seas were depleted by Russian and Japanese fishing factory-ships