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1st Corinthians 11:2-16
I commend you because you remember me in everything and maintain the traditions even as I have delivered them to you...

The chapel veil was the custom of all Catholic churches (eastern and western), everywhere in the world (including English-speaking nations) for nearly 2,000 years. The custom only fell out of use among western Catholic women, particularly in English-speaking nations, in just the last 30-40 years. Why is that?... For the answer go here.

My wife Suzanne wears her mantilla, white for Sundays, black for weekdays, and while I have insured that each of my daughters and grandaughters owns one they are often conviently forgotten at home. I think that the covienence stems from subconscious desire not to stand out. Many of our Parishoners are in their late 60's or early 70's who took advantage of Vatican II to liberalize the church. (They never read it. They were told what it said.)

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Servent of the Cheif said...

I have noticed this and it is a great shame. Similar but altogether a less sacred tradition, Men within the last 30-40 years have also stopped wearing hats as a part of their daily atire. I've always wondered why.

tubbs said...

Just some thoughts:
About two years ago the Bishops of France came to the defense of Muslim girls wearing the head scarf to public schools, hoping that this practice might set a good example of modesty for the other girls.
St. Paul thought women should cover up their crowning glory for modesty's sake. But then came the haberdashers, hatters and milleners - Don't you remember the old dames, from the fifties, who got so competitive with their headgear? And back then, mantillas were rarely seen.
Hats for women have just plain gone out of style. Only African-American women have kept the glorious tradition of hats, (especially for church)
Nuns should definitely go back to keeping their heads covered, but I wouldn't want to see them forced to wear that old-fashioned starch-linen-serge architecture that they used to wear. How would you like to wear a Frank LLoyd Wright house on your head, to work every day?
I see a lot of guys are wearing hats again. Unfortunately, they dont sell mens' hats with instruction booklets that include the traditional etiquette for men wearing hats. As another former military man, I'm sure you know what I mean here.

Brantigny said...

Here is the etiquette for men. Wear a hat outside with a suit. a ball cap for sports, never wear a hat inside, taking it off upon entering a building. Women should wear a hat inside or outside. They are rlieved of the necessity to take it off. It should blend with the skirt or dress. Women should nt wear pants.

Faint hope.