Sarkosy forgets Alsace is a part of France

When we talk about gaffes we usually speak about the great purveyor of the gaffe Joe Biden. But today the first place must go to Nickolas Sarkozy, who during a speach in Alsace called referred to Alsace as a part of Germany. This is akin to Biden forgetting that Delaware was in the United States... Matthew Palardy reports...

...French President Nicolas Sarkozy has caused outrage by suggesting that the Alsace region which his country won back from the Nazis after World War II was still ‘in Germany’.

The French President made the hugely embarrassing mistake during a speech in the Alsatian town of Truchtersheim, which is less than 20 miles from the German border...

‘I’m not saying that simply because I’m in Germany,’ he continued, before correcting himself to say: ‘I’m in Alsace.’

The crowd immediately began jeering and then booing Mr Sarkozy, who appeared shocked by what he had said – putting his hands up in the air as if surrender.

Alsace, historically one of the most strategically crucial regions in France, was contested constantly between France and Germany during the 19th and 20th Century...

There are a whole lot of French soldiers that gave their lives who would disagree M. Sarkosy.

Would/Could a Monarch forget in which provence his subjects reside?



Benedikt said...

As a German, I'm quite amused about that comment. Alsace is from the language and culture indeed not French, but Alemanni. This people whose descendants live today in southeast Germany, northern Switzerland and Alsace are a German tribe, so to speak. It belonged to the Empire until the 17th century when the Bourbons began to conquer/get the rulership there. But still it was culturally German.

Even today, after another 80 years of French rule it is different from the mainland France, which can be seen by food, church structures and other customs.

Brantigny said...

It was meant to be humourous. Of course they speak German and are culturally German but they werenever part of Germany but part of teh Empire if I remember my history correctly. It is not my object to question to which country the provence belongs.

I do think this is the first act in a liberal French government in repatriating this territory to Germany. The German nation has gained peacfully in the last 30 years that which it has sought by war since Frederick, a European hegemony.

The question is what does France get for returning Alsace to the 'Empire'?

It would be lke The US giving back Hawaii.

tubbs said...


Dymphna said...

I wish the US would give back Hawaii.

Brantigny said...

Dymphna, Hawaii ain't goin back anytime soon. If it did it should have never been in the union.