Moors defeated, no remorse


"In the hand of God is the destiny of princes. He alone giveth empire"

The Moors finally lost their last battle to the Catholic Kings, and after eight centuries of rule the last stronghold of Granada fell. Throughout the old nazarí kingdom was repeated the same crying: Ay de mi, Alhama!, the key which gave Granada on January 2 of the year of Our Lord 1492.

...and always we'll remind when Islam was defeated.



Jacobitess said...

And as Malachi Martin pointed out at the beginning of his compelling history, 'The Jesuits,' the loss of Granada--a fertile land in the midst of desert--was to the Moors a loss of paradise, as their grasp of heaven is a glorification of earthly pleasures.

Isn't the valley they passed through as they left is still called 'the last wail of the Moor'? Thanks for reminding us of this glorious anniversary for Christendom!

Brantigny said...

I work in a NC Prison as a Case Manager which is a kind of high school counselor to murderes and rapists. Many of them belong to a faith group called Moorish science temple. They claim to be decendent of the origial Moor. Sometimes you have to just laugh.