Monument to Emperor Nicholas II

A bust of the Passion Bearer has replaced a statue of V.I.Lenin in Shushenskoye in the Krasnoyarsk Krai.

"It is the urge of the heart and soul of the Orthodox faithful of Russia", as he explained the meaning behind the monument. "Contemporaries, historians and descendants of various political and religious views will refer to his great personality. I am sure of one thing about Nicholas II, and we still have much to learn. He was a true Christian, a wonderful family man, and most importantly of the Emperor, the glory and the good of Russia was always dear to him. Many to this day are unaware that our country enjoyed the strongest period of economic development during the reign of Nicholas II. Therefore, it is important that as we rejoice at the current achievements of our state, that we not forget similar achievements made in 1913". Archimandrite Alexis

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Long live the Tsar.


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