21st of January 1793: execution of Louis XVI

A murder was commited today which was so heinous that it's effects are still being felt. And...as in any murder there is evedence and sometimes eyewitnesses, each of whom will have a different perspective on the crime. I offer this account via Versailles and More by Catherine Delors.

This narritive is so expressive and emotional as to bring tears to ones eyes.

"...He uttered that "adieu" in so expressive a manner that the sobs redoubled. Madame Royale fell fainting at the King's feet, which she clasped; I raised her and helped Madame Elisabeth to hold her. The King, wishing to put an end to this heart-breaking scene, gave them all a most tender embrace, and then had the strength to tear himself from their arms..."

"...Adieu–adieu," he said, and re-entered his chamber."

I enjoin you to read more here...

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Catherine Delors.

Dieu et le Roi!

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