The Jacobin Mob, attacks the Prince

The Prince of Wales and his wife were attacked the other day. Although it was unscheduled, and unscripted, none the less they ran headlong into the mob.

...The Duchess of Cornwall was physically attacked through an open car window as thugs rampaged in London, the Standard can reveal today.

A rioter managed to push a stick into the royal limousine and jab her in the ribs. Camilla's terrifying ordeal came as a baying mob surrounded her and husband Prince Charles when they rode through central London in the vintage Rolls-Royce last night.

A police source said one of the car's rear windows was opened in error as tuition fee protesters moved in.

The attack is the biggest royal security breach in decades and raises new questions about protection of the couple. Charlie Gilmour, the son of Pink Floyd guitarist David, was with protesters in Regent Street when the car was hit...

The reason for the protest? Raising the tuition to 9000 Pounds (14,000 dollars). My daughters college tuition, not government funded was about 16,000 dollars for each of the last three years of her education. I did not riot, I guess that is the difference of someone who feels entitled to something by the government and someone who does not.

This type of thing has just begun. Can we now expect heads on a pike carried throught the streets of London?



Anonymous said...

That's really scary... What's wrong with people?

Christina said...

How odd! Only moments before I saw your post, I too considered comparisons to the French Revolution after the appalling attack on Prince Charles and Camilla. However, I don't think we need fear that it is quite so horrific. It was one or two silly people and up until that point most of them had, apparently, actually being cheering the Prince, being happily surprised by his sudden appearance. The attack on the Royal car wasn't an attack on the monarchy per se, it was no different from the attack on any other car that happened to be passing, I think. Just mob mentality...the most dangerous thing of all, don't you think?

Brantigny said...

Now the mob knows how to influence the "Royals". Radicals are wont to use any excuse to further their "cause". I never trust a mob.