A Bishop acts like a Bishop

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It took a lot of courage to do this and God bless Bishop Olmsted for having the backbone to do in his diocese what needs to be done to dozens of dioceses all across America. Thank you Bishop Olmsted for this much needed, and long awaited, Christmas gift to the cause for LIFE in this country.

Only in the face of such heroic courage is our nationwide episcopal apathy revealed. Bishop's Olmsted's press conference was not harsh, and he did not come across as some kind of authoritarian dictator. He gently said a state of schism already exists, that the hospital had effectively broken itself from the Church, and that it was his solemn duty, to point out with much regret, that this schism has taken place and the people of his diocese have a right to know. It wasn't hard. He did it. And after making his case thoroughly, and expressing his unwavering support for the Gospel and Canon Law, he actually received a round of applause. This applause came from an audience of reporters that was openly hostile to him with some of their questions. In effect, they may not have liked what he had to say, but they couldn't help but respect him for standing up for what he believed in. Let this be a lesson to every other bishop in the United States.

from Catholic Fire ...How can someone who is Catholic -- much less a Catholic sister who is a bride of Christ and has supposedly mastered the Catholic teachings of the faith -- believe such a heresy? This is shocking and very, very disappointing! I blogged about this earlier this week and felt very disgusted by this. As a crisis pregnancy counselor, I had heard that things like this happen in Catholic hospitals, but are rarely made public. I am happy this story is out and that Bishop Olmstead is speaking out against this "Catholic" Hospital's actions and is speaking the truth by telling those who were involved in this abortion that they are ex-communicated. I am also supportive of the bishop for removing her from this position and assigning her other duties.

Via CNA/EWTN News: - A religious sister who was on a Catholic hospital panel that approved a direct abortion has excommunicated herself, the Diocese of Phoenix said on Tuesday. According to the diocese, Sr. Margaret McBride told Bishop Olmsted that she believed performing an abortion in a specific case from 2009 "was a morally good and allowable act according to Church teaching."
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Since when does a sheep tell the shepherd?


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