St. Marie-Antoinette's Holy Card and Prayer

It came to me that on the 16th instant we will have the 218th anniversary of the Martyrdom of Marie-Antoinette, while I do not know if a process has been set up concerning her sainthood, (Martyrdom automatically means Sainthood.) I wonder which portrait should be used on her holy card.

In any event her symbol should be a Pink Rose. A mixture of White for Purity of Faith, Motherhood, the French Royal colour, and Red for her Martyrdom.

Prayer to Saint Marie-Antoinette

Saint Marie-Antoinette, martyred Queen, despised by the people whom you loved, you coupled your sufferings to that of Jesus our Lord and Savior. You remained strong in hope, when you could have disparaged. When presented with the instrument of your death you remained firm in your faith and never doubted the resurrection and the Kingship of Christ.

You, Martyred Queen of France, who is in the beatific presence, pray for us in the hour of our greatest need.


Vive la Reine!
Vive le Roy!


Matterhorn said...

She would be the most stylish saint ever;-)

I rather favor the first portrait. It emphasizes her motherhood and the red and white are appropriate, as you say.

Brantigny said...

I rather prefer the second to last, in white muslin. Holding the pink rose.

Matterhorn said...

That is indeed a lovely image, but I am still holding out for the first portrait. I think her expression there conveys her strength of character a bit better.

Anonymous said...

It should be a picture of her with her family and she should be a saint for mothers who have had their children taken from them for political reasons.In my humble opinion. :)