St. Edward the Confessor

Yesterday I posted an article on another Edward who was King of England who had Norman roots, today I post on the last Anglo-Saxon King of England, Edward the Confessor... What a difference 500 years make...

...Edward, the last king of the Anglo-Saxons, a grandson of the martyr-king Edward, passed his youth in exile with his uncle, a Norman leader. In an environment of sin he preserved innocence of life. Called to the throne of England in 1042, he sought to put into practice the Christian ideals for a ruler, with the help of God's grace. His first efforts were directed toward a renewal of religion in the hearts of his people. Priests were invited into his kingdom, churches were built. Yielding to pressure, he married, but is said to have retained virginity during his whole married life... more,

Saint Edward Pray for us.

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Dymphna said...

I never liked him. He wasn't nice to his wife or his mother.