The Relic of a Saint

Elena-Maria reports on what may possibly be a 1st class relic of Saint Louis XVI.

...Then cries of “Long live the Republic!” were heard. People rushed forward, dipping handkerchiefs into the blood of Louis XVI. The Abbé, dazed, did not know how he climbed off the scaffold. He could only notice that some of the blood from the severed head had splashed upon his clothes. Meanwhile, Sanson was selling locks of the King’s hair, pieces of his jacket, his buttons, his hat. Someone began to play the Marseillaise, and people joined hands, dancing and cavorting around the guillotine, “like the prophets of Baal,” thought the Abbé. A cold mist had descended upon Paris at the moment of the King’s death, but above, and beyond it, was the sun... ~from Trianon by Elena Maria Vidal

More is found here...

St Louis, Martyred King pray for us.



Dymphna said...

I wouldn't go as far as to call him a saint without cannonization.

Brantigny said...

We have to ask how is it a person becomes a saint.
#1 Popular acclaimation, St peter, Paul, and others, were all acclaimed as saints way before the process of canonization.

#2 Praying a person out of purgatory. Any one in the presence of the creator is a saint, as we know sin and God can not exist together.

#3 Martyrdom, anyone who is martyred for the faith is a Saint. Louis XVI fits that description as well as any religious who persished at the hands of the revolution.

That is why I consider Him St. Louis the martyr.

Matterhorn said...

Ugly gourd. The King's blood, though, is indeed precious...