The Papal visit to the UK, Gig or Sacred Mass

The Pope star, headlining at a gig near you: Catholic bishops under fire for 'cringe-making' guide to the Papal visit

Catholic bishops have likened the Pope to the headline act at a series of gigs in a ‘cringe-worthy’ guide to his visit this week which insiders fear exposes the Church to ridicule.

In a list of ‘useful terms’ in the official booklet, the three open-air Papal masses – the most solemn occasions of the historic trip – are referred to as ‘shows’ or ‘gigs’, terms normally associated with rock concerts.

The document also compares the clergy who organise services – known as liturgists – to ‘performers’

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Ever been to a Mass where the Celebrant takes the microphone and walks up and down the isle or across the sanctuary? It's just the Mass show.

I smell the stink of ecumenism...

Why are they doing this to my Faith? Why are they doing this to my Pope?


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