Gentlemanly Pastimes

From Swell and Dandy...

...A true gentleman doesn't waste all his leisure time on television and video games, no sir! Not only is a man judged by his work ethic, but he is also judged by his play ethic. In a world where common people can experience instant gratification electronically, we have forgotten what it means to have real, natural, old-fashioned fun and so it is for the gentleman to go beyond the petty forms of modern entertainment and take up a hobby. A simple skimming-over a few biographies will show that great men from Churchill to Prince Albert have had proper hobbies to entertain and occupy themselves. To get you started, Swell & Dandy has compiled a list of the top ten pastimes of the upper-crust gentleman... More.

Watching TV did not make the cut...

I say Bravo!



Matterhorn said...

I was just reading of the climbing career of King Albert I of Belgium- it is said that "mountaineering was the only real leisure [he] allowed himself." Now that is saying something.

Percival Devante said...

Thanks for the link. I'm glad you enjoyed it.