Chivalry of the Husband.

Some time has passed since last I directed the reader towards Durandal, not out of any dislike but because they write on so many varied subjects that my blog would appear to be just a mirror site. Nicholas D.C. Wansbutter, esq, delivers this post on The Chivalry of the Husband

...The true leader, and thus the true husband and father, is not a cruel dictator. In today's age, where feminism has so deeply penetrated into every person's mind at some level, it may also mean making compromises rather than turning his home into a warzone, without, of course, backing down on truly important things. In other words, it is worth fighting a domestic battle over clothing but not over leaving one's socks on the floor (although, things like leaving the socks on the floor are just laziness and lack of a spirit of order -- is the wife really out of line of upbraid her husband on such a thing?)...


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