Still juring French priests and bishops

It is a pity when I see such a thing. The reasoning, "If I am killed then who will care for my flock" ... does not show merit. We are all called to be martyrs. The original title was somewhat different...

August 14th, 2010 9:52 pm ET. Examiner.com

The Catholic news site AsiaNews.it is reporting that there have been cases of French priests and bishops who have "impeded" baptisms of former-moslems to Catholicism due to fear of possible reprisals from moslems.

It has been reported that a group of Catholic and soon-to-be Catholics from France, Morocco and Algeria are planning on making a pilgrimage in the steps of the North African born St. Augustine when he traveled throughout Italy.

One of the specific intentions of the pilgrimage is that "Muslims who have heard the call of the Lord Jesus should not be prohibited from entering the Church."

AsiaNews.it has stated that "The idea refers to some episodes that have occurred in France and Algeria, where many Muslims who wanted to be baptized, have been impeded by priests and bishops, fearful of the consequences and overly precautious."

Pope Benedict Stands Firm

Magdi Allam, an Egyptian-born journalist, received the Sacrament of Baptism from Pope Benedict in 2006.

Allam has written articles critical of Islam, which have prompted death threats from Islamists and he lives under constant guard.

Announcing the Baptism only an hour before it took place, the Vatican stressed the Catholic Church had the right to baptize anyone who wanted to join it and that all were equal in the eyes of God.

The Curious Case Of Abdul Rahman

Abdul Rahman, an Afghan convert to Catholicism, was arrested in February 2006 and threatened with the death penalty for converting from Islam. He eventually found refuge in Italy.

Ansarullah Mawlawizadah, the chief judge in the case, said "the Prophet Muhammad has said several times that those who convert from Islam should be killed if they refuse to come back, Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, kindness and integrity. That is why we have told him if he regrets what he did, then we will forgive him".

I remember when being a martyr was considered to be an honour in the Catholic Church.


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