Legendary Spanish Civil War Photograph Faked

Going through articles I wanted to read then, and am reading now, I found this interesting bit. This article on the the famous Frank Capa photo of 1936 of a Spanish Republican being shot reports the above photo to be faked. Yet the myth has been perpetrated that Franco's forces carried out a coup instead of a resoration of a anti-communist Catholic Government.

It is forgotten, except maybe by me that Franco was a supporter and was supported by the United States. Now since his death in 1975 he has been vilified everywhere.



Matterhorn said...

It does look staged, very overdone. And then the way he is holding the rifle and so forth, it all seems too artistic.

MadMonarchist said...

Even if it had been authentic -never bothered me. Franco was a hard man true, but he was also necessary and, I think, a good caretaker of Spain. I wonder what has kept his remains from going airborne considering how much spinning in his grave he must be doing at how Spain has "progressed" since his demise.

James McGrath said...

Franco was a fine man, and we all need our Francos now!